The 10 Most Strange Events You Can Find in Google Street View

Google is indeed worth mentioning as the king of technology. Not only has a search engine with the largest user base in the world, but Google also has an Android platform, Gmail emailed service, Google Drive cloud storage service, to Google Street View's cool technology.

Among the many products, Google Street View is a cutting edge technology. However, who would have thought if from Google Street View is recorded many strange events on the streets.

1. Want to dive on the asphalt, sir?

2. This is not painting sorry for more. The pain is sorry!

3. Poor dog. By the way, how come ya stuck in such a small hole?

4. At first glance, there is nothing strange. However, let me be clear on the circle. How come???

5. Hahahahaha, Suck it Google!

6. If in Indonesia must the children shout, "Evil clown, ugly clown."

7. why not inside? ha ha ha

8. who likes to pee carelessly. Watch out later Google cars pass by!

9. Is this kidnapping? Or violence?

10. Crime part 2. The Google car is about to stop right?

It is just a strange event recorded by this Google car? By the way, was not your area visited by a Google car? If ever, your territory should have appeared on Google Street View. Check it out, who knows there is another photo of you doing strange.

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