The danger of licking the envelope

Have you ever sent a letter with an envelope? When will send the envelope, we must attach a stamp. But sometimes the absence of glue make us lick the envelope or stamps to paste it. Here is a true story of the danger of licking an envelope.

One day a woman working in a post office in California, pasting envelopes and stamps without using glue or wet foam but by licking it. At that moment the woman immediately felt her tongue feel like a slice.

A week later he felt something unusual on his tongue. He went to the doctor and found nothing strange. His tongue is not wounded or there are no abnormalities whatsoever. The next few days, his tongue began to swell and start to hurt, so sick that he could not eat anything. He immediately went to the hospital and the doctor did an X-Ray check.

There was something inside her tongue. At that moment the doctor immediately prepares minor surgery. When the doctor sliced ​​open the tongue, it turns out a small cockroach crept out. Once investigated it is found that the roach comes from a very small cockroach eggs attached to the glue of the envelope.

Once licked then the egg is attached to the tongue and incubate there because of the warm saliva and moist until the cockroach is hatched. This real event was reported by CNN.

Andy Hu writes: "I work in an envelope factory, and you will not believe! There is something floating around a glue container tray, I never once licked an envelope I once worked in a printer (32 years ago) and we are always urged not to glue Envelopes with tongue I never understood why, until one day I went into the storage room to get 2,500 pieces of printed envelope and saw for yourself some cockroaches roaming the envelope box with roach eggs everywhere."

They live by eating the glue contained in the envelopes. After knowing this, Never once did you paste envelopes, stamps or seals by licking them.

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