Animals that Becomed of World Cup Mascot

Football is most favorite sport in the world. Do you know world cup? World Cup is the biggest football event organized by FIFA. Since last held in 1930, the world cup has been drawing the attention of the world community. Not only presents the best football matches, world cup often brings unique things are of course interesting to say. One interesting thing in the world cup is a mascot. A lot of the animals were used as the mascot of the world cup. Here are the animals that had become the mascot of the world cup:

1. Lion, world cup 1966 in England
The idea of making the mascot was sparked at 1966 in England. At that time, the lion named Willy chosen as a symbol depicting the mighty British empire.

2. Dog, world cup 1994 in the United States

The 15th edition of the world cup in the United States was elected a dog become mascot world cup in this year. The striker is the name of this mascot. The striker was a dog wearing a USA uniform with the words “USA 94 “.

3. Fowl, world cup 1998 in France
Footix is a fowl. Fowl is one of the national symbols of France. Footix wearing t-shirts with the words ” FRANCE 98 ” on the chest. Footix name comes from the word “foot” which means “soccer” with the suffix “- ix” from Astérix.

4. Lion, world cup 2006 in Germany
Goleo is a lion wearing a Germany shirt with the number 06 and Pille is a talking soccer ball named Pille. Goleo is derived from the word “goal” and “Leo”, the Latin word of the lion.

5. Leopard, world cup 2010 in South Africa
Zakumi is the mascot’s name of the 2010 world cup held in South Africa. Zakumi is a leopard with green hair eccentric. In 2010 Zakumi will be 16 years old, which will be celebrated globally with the 2010 world cup crown.

6. Armadillo, world cup 2014 in Brazil
At the 2014 world cup title, Brazil chose armadillo named Fuleco to become a mascot. Armadillo is small placental mammals that have a shield on his body. Fuleco born on January 1, 2000, which indicates that he is the first armadillos were born in the new millennium. In 2014 14-year -old will Fuleco, which will be celebrated globally with the headline world cup.

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