Unique Fact about Pencil

Pencil had stories. Not only as stationery for the exams or the drawing tools most commonly known, but much more.

Well, here are some interesting facts about the pencil.

1. Every year 14 billion pencils are produced worldwide. The largest in the United States (2 billion sticks). If all of the pencil used to create lines, 64 lines will be created around the world.

2. One pencil can write 40 thousand words, equivalent to a line 35 miles long.

3. Originally a pencil used to mark sheep. Properties of graphite (pencil base material), which makes software easy breeder incised markings on the skin of a goat.

4. Pencil was first created in 1565 in England, but only a century later mass-produced in Germany.

5. On March 30, 1858, man creates an eraser. Most of Europe does not use a pencil eraser on his ass. Unlike in the U.S. that use a pencil eraser.

6. Each tree trunk with an average size will produce 170 thousand pencils.

7. Pencils made ​​by Ashrita Furman of the largest in New York. Length 23 m, weight 10 tons, and costs U.S. $ 20 thousand.

8. Pencils were given bright colors to be easily found. Pencil has a hexagonal shape (not round) in order not to roll on a flat surface.

9. Pencil sharpeners first created and patented by the French mathematician, Bernard Lassimone, in 1828. Previously it was sharpening a pencil with a knife.

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