5 Richest Women in England

Who are the top 5 richest and most successful women in the England there?

1. J K Rowling
£ 647 million. Author of Harry Potter. March 2010 he became the richest writer in revenue of 1 billion dollars.

2. Amanda Staveley
37-year-old with the new £ 80 million finance. Barclay help investment and buy Manchester City FC when it was taken by Sheikh Mansour Arab royal family.

3. Judy Craymer
52 years. He was behind the opera musical Mamma Mia. Has a 50% share by revenue £ 750 million per year of opera companies. Now estimated to have £ 4 million of the money shownya only.

4. Natalie Massenet
He was behind the Noughties are successful in business. 44 years old. He has an online store with a value of £ 50 million.

5. Judy Nake
£ 30 million. He was behind St Tropez. Develop the business as a teacher.

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