Unique Vending Machine in Tokyo

Vending Machines is Automatic machine seller, a machine that dispenses goods such as food, beverages,alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets, or even gold and jewels to the customer. Just Insert Coin or using kredit you`ll got what you want. In Tokyo, Vending Machine also became one of the city icons. In here, you can shopping trough the vending machines that scattered everywhere.

1. Kasumigaseki: Apple packs

This machine place in Shibuya Station, sell a slices of apple that have been half cut and added with Vitamin C in each package. The owner hopes that this machine can provide a healthy snack solution and also can be an alternative for breakfast.
Location: Gate exit B1 and B3 (outside the ticket gate)
7 Unique Vending Machine

2. Shibuya: Banana
Simple, easy to peel. Many Japanese like Bananas fruit. Stored in temperatures around 13 degrees, the Banana can stay more longer. The price between 130-370 yen, it`s quite expensive for a fruit. In the future plan these machine will be distributed to the gym, school, and office.
Location: exit 3 front basement of a bookstore.
7 Unique Vending Machine

3. Shinbashi : Taiyaki
A fish-shaped chewy cake, filled with red bean paste or chocolate. It feels good either hot or cold. The price between 380-570 yen.
Location: Shinbashi Station, Ginza exit in front of Tenka no Taiyaki shop.
7 Unique Vending Machine

4. Ikejiri-Ohashi : Natto
Natto is fermented soy foods, this machine sell various kinds of natto: natto-furikake, amanatto, natto donuts.
Location: Ikejiri-Ohashi station west exit .
7 Unique Vending Machine

5. Ginza : Toys
Hakuhinkan Toy Park located At the corner of a busy intersection in Ginza, this shop filled with toys. If you want to buy a toy, it`s not necessary to enter the store, behind the shop you can find the vending machines. So, even the store is already closed, you can buy the toys in this machine.
Location: Going out of the door to a station, and this machine will look at Chuo Dori
7 Unique Vending Machine

6. JR.Station : Next Generation Vending Machines
JR East has begun to introduce the mechine that they call ‘Next Generation’ in some of their stations. Monolith comes with a large touch panel screen that displays all the available items . Not only that, they also have sensors to determine the age and gender of the customer, which is integrated with other information, such as temperature or time, it could be to target the recommendation for each particular person. For example if we are confused about what to drink, asked aja ma machine.
Location: Shinagawa Station, Tokyo Station, Shibuya Station, Ikebukuro Station, and other Stasiun2 including Akihabara, Yokohama, Omiya, Chiba and Hachioji
7 Unique Vending Machine

7. Harajuku : Hair Care
This Vending machines placed outside of Harajuku’s Toni & Guy hair salon. Not only sell drinks, but also available various hair care products. A central video screen flanked on both sides by a variety of salon items, including hairclip, hair spray and shampoo. Harajuku branch of T & G is the only place where you will find this machine. Remember, do not be mistaken for conditioner with drinks .
7 Unique Vending Machine

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