Why Eating Out ​​Continues Sleepy ?

Jakarta, many people are so sleepy and want to sleep after every meal while being in working condition. Actually this condition is not normal, because after eating the body should produce energy that makes it fresh. But if you're always sleepy after eating, you should know the causes.
Sleepy is one of the signs given by a person's body to rest. But if always sleepy after eating a sign that something is wrong with the food, the enzyme or the condition of their blood sugar levels. As quoted from Helium and Steadyhealth, Tuesday (20/4/2010) There are three reasons that cause a person sleepy after eating, that is:

1. Enzyme deficiency
The enzyme can be described as a worker in the body, such as a house that would not be built without a worker even though the ingredients are complete. Enzymes break down food consumed into units smaller so it can be absorbed by the body. In addition the enzyme could also serve as a catalyst to make things happen.

There are three types of enzyme needed by the body to digest food that is the digestive enzymes secreted by the salivary glands, stomach, pancreas, endocrine cells and also the small intestine. Second, an enzyme found in all raw foods are consumed. Third, the metabolic enzymes that act as catalysts, to produce energy, remove impurities and detoxify the poison.

While we were eating, an enzyme the body works very hard to digest all the food intake. Because it is too hard work, your body feels tired and exhausted when the food should be eaten can provide energy.

But for people who lack the enzyme, the food you eat can not be because there is an interruption of energy absorption of nutrients. As a result, when the enzyme was tired, no energy intake so that makes a person sleepy.

2. Merger of food that is not appropriate
Most of the people did not know about the incorporation of food (food combining) is a way of combining foods to be used by the body as nutrients.

Some foods need to be able to digest its own enzymes such as proteases require protein, carbohydrates and fats require require amylase lipase. When someone is eating protein and carbohydrates at the same time, it can cause conflicts in the digestive enzymes.

Try to combine proteins with non-starch vegetables (green vegetables, but not potatoes or carrots), combining carbohydrates with vegetables, grains, fruits to consume only 60-80 percent of food or eating raw or steamed. Incorporation of these foods can make someone feel less sleepy and add more energy.

3. Influence of one neuron
The reason a person is sleepy after eating orexin neurons. Neurons are located in the hypothalamus that are part of the brain that regulates many processes as well as nearly all hormone.

When blood sugar levels rise, this has resulted in the work of orexin neurons is inhibited. As a result a person will feel sleepy because of the performance of orexin neurons is responsible for controlling a person to stay awake is inhibited.

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