Way of Dozing Beneficial

Sure, there is no office that provides sleeping space for employees (except maybe the offices in a creative field, which requires employees to work until late at night). But if a special room is not provided, it could not hurt to try to create a comfortable angle to just close my eyes.
Taking time for dozing important, because according to this study provides many benefits. Among other things, increase productivity, improve memory, relieve stress, and reduce the risk of heart disease. His name dozy, of course you did not take too long for it. 

However, for this dozy provide maximum benefit, you need to follow the rules:

1. Limit the time to 30 minutes.
That is, 10 minutes to take you to a natural sleep, and 20 minute to be fast asleep. The benefits of sleep for 50-20 minutes only to be felt up to 3 hours. A fresh mind, the body was so fit. More than 30 minutes, you will only difficulty waking up. Eyes should be forced to open, and the body so weak.

2. Make yourself comfortable
Way, off your shoes, belts renggangkan, and if possible, adjust your seat until the body is more comfortable position to sleep. The more comfortable you are, the more easily you fall asleep. If you feel more secure and comfortable sleeping in the car, do not hesitate to do so.

3. Do not sleep too late
Sleep more quickly will prevent you from too soundly, and consequently more useful. You can become more alert, able to improve work performance, and speed up your response.

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