Really 13 is Unlucky Number ?

Around the world there are a variety of beliefs, myths, and legends, which are innumerable. For the rationalists, beliefs, old people are supposed to come off in line with the modernization that crisscross the entire side of human life. 
However, that happened? Apparently not. In the modern society, these superstitious beliefs turned out to still exist and even grow and penetrate into the many facets of community life. These beliefs come even coloring architectural and urban high-rise buildings.As a small example, in a variety of high buildings in China, there is no such thing as floors 13 and 14. According to their beliefs, the second number is unlikely to bring hockey. In the West, the number 13 is also considered an unlucky number. Similarly, in various parts of the world. If we look at the numbers in elevators of tall buildings of the world, you will not find the floor 13. Usually, after the number 12 then immediately 'jump' to number 14. Or the number 12 then the first and 12a 14. This phenomenon is found in many countries of the world, including Indonesia.Why is number 13 considered to lack the numbers that bring luck? Actually, kepecayaan superstition and the various myths that have come from an ancient science called Kabbalah. Kabbalah is an ancient mystical teachings, which have the highest dirapalkan by the Council of Magicians Pharaoh's regime which is then forwarded by the witches, magicians, soothsayers, psychics, and so on-especially by the Zionist-Jews who later appointed him as a political movement-and now this, the teachings of Kabbalah has become a new trend among celebrities of the world.Jewish nation since the first is that strictly maintain the Kabbalah. In Marseilles, southern France, the Jewish teachings of Kabbalah which was recorded previously only revealed through oral and clandestinely. They are also known as people who enjoy tinkering with the numbers (numerology), so they are also known as as the Geometrian.According to them, the number 13 is one of the sacred numbers that contain a variety of magical power and religious side, together with the numbers 11 and 666. Therefore, in a variety of symbols associated Kabbalisme, they always sneak element number 13 into it. Tarot cards for example, was in number 13. Card also Remi, number 13 (As, 2-9, Jack, Queen, King).Symbol insertion point 13 of the largest in human history made it into a symbol of the United States. The Seal of the United States of America that consists of two sides (Eagles and Pyramid Illuminati) loaded with number 13.
Here's the proof :
-13 Star above the eagle's head to form the Star of David. 

-13 Line in the shield or shields birds.
-13 Olive leaf on the bird's right leg.
-13 Olives are sticking on the sidelines of the olive leaf. 
-13 Arrows. 
-13 Feather on the end of arrows.
-13 Letters that form words 'Annuit Coeptis' 
-13 Letters that form words "E Pluribus Unum ' 
-13 Layers of rock that form the pyramid. 
-13 X 9 dots surrounding the Star of David on the head of Eagle.
 In addition to inserting the number 13 into a state symbol, the logos of big companies such as the United States as well as McDonalds logo, Arbyss, StarTrek. Com, Westel, and so on. Number 13 can be seen if the logos are rotated vertically. Similarly, the headquarters of Micosoft referred to as The Double Thirteen or Double-13, according to the Microsoft logo are made to resemble a window (Windows), when in fact it is the number 1313.Interestingly, although the number 13 were scattered in various forms, Americans apparently also regarded the number 13 as the number that should be avoided. Tall buildings in the United States rarely use the number 13 as the floor rate. Even in racing stables as well as the existence, of the enclosure numbered 12, and 12a, skip to number 14. There is no number 13.The Kabbalists greatly magnify the number 13, besides of course other numbers such as numbers 11 and 666. This figure is used in their satanic rituals. Even the symbol of Baphomet or Goat Head Mendez (Mendez Goat) was decorated with the symbol 13. That is why the number 13 is considered as an unlucky number for the main part of satanic rituals.

Friday the 13th is a bad day?Based on the results of research from Dr. Donald Dossey a special psychotherapy within the field of "phobia" = fear of the Greek word, in the U.S. alone there are more than 21 million people who have the disease "paraskevidekatriap hobia" or fear of Friday 13th. And according to a report of "The Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute" in Asheville - the U.S., poorer every Friday 13th, the U.S. economy loses between 800 s / d U.S. $ 900 million, because many people who refuse to travel, work or perform activities any business as well.

Why the number 13 is an unlucky number?While the unlucky number 13 as the belief that the emergence of a Christian, because Judas who occupied the seat 13 and he sold Jesus promptly at 13:00. Besides, the numbers they will be a perfect 12 points above the figure or exceed the peak strength, with which it will automatically bring bad luck, knowing Jesus' disciples made up of 12 people, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 hours a day and night, month 12, 12 gods of Olympus.When looking at Western numerology number 13 as an unlucky number, the same effect on Chinese society. However it may be seen from different viewpoints. "If you add up 1 +3 results 4. And the number 'four' own in Chinese when spoken with different intonations (sie) can give two meanings of the four and dying = bad luck!Even if the calculated date October 13, 2006 This is really an unlucky number you try to add the pure: 13-10-2006 = 1 +0 +1 +2 +3 +6 = 13 (thirteen anymore)And if your name consists of 13 alphabetically then this should hati2 because the killer has a name which consists of 13 alphabetic see: Jack the Rippe, Charles Manson, Theodore Bundy and Albert De Salvo.Trikaideka-phobia, fear of the number 13, so great that if you dine at star Hotel Savoy in London, and by chance you come rame2 was 13 then the Hotel Manager Mr. Paul, will issue a mascot cepat2 two black cats who be placed in a special chair, to accompany you all over the kitchen table! Let who eat so 15, otherwise, "It is believed That one of the 13 Diners Will die within a year. Once wanti2 the manager.How many hotels or settlements that abstinence includes the number 13 to number of floors, rooms, or home. Lottery in Italy, France was no number 13. Likewise, there are no street names in the United States who use 13th Street or 13th Avenue.Where does the emergence of this belief? Allegedly, Pythagoras - a figure artist, philosopher, and teacher of the 6th century BC, indirectly encouraging his followers gave birth to a new understanding, numerology.Are all the countries of Europe they are afraid of Friday 13th? No, because in Latin American countries, in Greece and in Spain the day "Tuesday" date 13 is an unlucky day, so there is a saying "En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques" = on Tuesday did not trip or a marriage.While in Italy the day unfortunately is Friday on 17.

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