Why The Many Women Giving birth to twins?

For the first time in history, single women aged under 30 years old have a greater income than men in the same age range.At the same time, there was the birth of twins in the U.S. more than ever. Are these two facts are related? The answer is yes.
The new report from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states, the rate of twin births has doubled in the last three decades. Until the year 2009, there is one twin births from 30 birth. Increased use of fertility drugs and increased quality of care is considered as one factor. Another factor is that more women are waiting until they are over 30 years of marriage. In 2008, 14 percent of all births in the U.S. are of women aged 35 and above. And that number is still increasing.

As a result of evolution, women in their 30s are biologically more likely to give birth to twins, even without the help of fertility treatments. Looks like our bodies begin to catch up with technological advances. While the women spend time pursuing careers and delay having children until age 30 to 40's, a question that tends to offend but it's very rational gender emerged. Is the human population will decline because the women do not want any more children? Are the kids will not have a sister because she waited too long to have children? But, with two children at once, though, came the problem. Pregnant with twins elevate risk for both mother and baby. The likelihood of preterm birth larger double for one uterus is divided to two fetuses, which can trigger unusual health risks to both children.

Caring for twins was quite tiring. Recent research found that parents who have twins experience more mental health problems than those with one child. But for the twins, who grew up with its twin, the profits are also doubled. No other siblings have the opportunity to use their own private language. The phenomenon of language is called cryptophasia twins, and it makes two twins became a star.Twins have the possibility of twins also larger than other people. Another advantage of twins, they are more easily able to work in comedy and very helpful if you want to exchange identities. They are also guaranteed to have a loyal friend for life. 
Look at Lilly Millward and Ena Pugh, world's oldest twins, aged 102 years. They are equally long-lived and have the same sense of humor. "We are very lucky," said Lily.

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