In Pakistan, Transvestite Assigned to Tax Billed

Too late to pay taxes, maybe you'll get a warning letter. But in Karachi, Pakistan's largest city, you will meet with the tax collector transgender.

As a step Government of Pakistan to address the growing tax avoidance, tax officials in Karachi utilize Riffee, a transgender, and his colleagues as a tax collector.
Riffee and colleagues will come to your home or place of business delinquent taxpayers, the intent to humiliate delinquent taxpayers until finally willing to pay.
Riffee and two friends, Sana and Kohan, is physically male, but they prefer to be called and dressed like a woman. Their task is quite simple, every morning they were to work and take the list of delinquent taxpayers. One by one they went to the house or office of delinquent taxpayers. Then tease and make noise so that the person they go to pay taxes.
However, it is not clear whether the tactics were quite effective, but tax officials insist otherwise effectively they would not be possible to do it.
"Their presence can be put to shame delinquent taxpayers," said Hussein Bhatti tax inspector told CNN on Friday (15/04/2011).
In a country where many say the courts are weak and the police could be bribed, Riffee and her friends could be a last resort, although it is not unusual.

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