Becoming a More Brave Tips

If you are shy, hesitant, or passive, you risk having a life filled with unattainable routines and goals. The progress we see today made by courageous people - scientists, politicians, artists, and others who do not wait for opportunities to arrive; They create opportunities. So if you want to be someone who is brave and can not stop, here are some ways you can do to start your momentum.
1. Pretend You Are A Brave
If you exchange places with someone who is very brave, what will they do if they are in your position? If you know someone who is brave, imagine how they will act. If you are not sure anyone, think of a strong character from a movie or book. Spend an hour every day for a week to pretend to be them. When you do, go to a place where people do not know you and will not be surprised to see your actions that may be other than usual. Try to do and see what happens - you may find extraordinary things when you are brave, and you may be sure to apply this attitude to your everyday life.

2. Take the initiative
When you are in doubt, especially in interacting with others, keep your selfish and take the first step. Ask your colleagues if they want to go to the cafe for drinks after work. Tell the people you like that you have two concert tickets and you want the person to come with you. Give your best friend a hug and apologize for the mistakes you have made before. Smile and flicker at an attractive-looking cashier.

3. Do Something Unexpected
What can you do that will surprise people who know you? Wearing high heels? Bungee jumping? Take a dance class? Brave people are not afraid of trying to do something new, and one of the reasons they are fascinating to be around you is because they keep you guessing.
You can start with something small, maybe wear clothes with colors or styles that you do not usually wear, or visit places you do not regularly visit. In the end, you will reach a point where you have an idea that makes people gape at you as you say “Are you serious? Rafting? “Or” You must be kidding. You want to buy a shop house on that street? “.

4. Ask What You Want
Instead of waiting to be recognized for your efforts, or expecting someone to consider your needs, go ahead and ask. Some people feel that asking for something is greedy, selfish, and abusive, and that is right if you ask for something that is not yours. However, if someone holds back what is rightfully yours, they are greedy, selfish, and abusive.
After all, what's the worst thing that could happen? They say no.
-Ask for a promotion or salary increase that you have done and done.
-Request a rebate. Bargain. The phrase, “What is the best price you can give to me?” Is an easy and powerful way to save money.
-Ask for your annual credit card fee to be waived.
-Ask for help or advice from friends, friends or strangers.
-Ask for clarification if you are not sure what people expect from you.

5. Take a Risk
There is a difference between carelessness and risk taking. Careless people do not take risks. They do not think about the risks. On the other hand, a brave person understands the risks and has decided to stick to the decisions they are making, ready and willing to accept the consequences if reality is different from what they expect.
Think of an athlete taking risks every day. Are they careless? No. They take measurable risks. You may make a mistake; We all make mistakes. However, doing nothing is also a mistake, something that can lead you to emptiness and regret. For some people, taking risks and experiencing failure is a valuable experience rather than doing nothing.
Instead, do not confuse bravely with aggressive. Bold often impose your opinion or actions on others. Courage has nothing to do with the people around you; Courage is to overcome your fear and take action.
Remember, although you will feel very excited about doing something new, the risk of failure persists because of your lack of experience. Respond to your failure; Failure is not the opposite of success, failure is an essential component of success. The opposite of success is silence.

6. Rediscover Yourself
In essence, courage comes from within you, from what you believe. Courage is not about what you do, but who you are. If you do not know yourself, you can never be brave.
Begin to appreciate your uniqueness. Find things that make you different and show it to the people around you. Bring your attention and care about yourself because it does not matter what others say. That is the essence of courage.

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