4 Basic Techniques In Kissing

Kissing is a very special event. Meeting of the lips was able to evoke emotions and signifies a pair of human desires in such a way. Kissing skills can also be a way when you do foreplay with your mate.
Here are four basic techniques that must be mastered to become a master kisser :

1. Pressure
When talking about the pressure, you certainly do not want to destroy lips together when kissing. However, you also will want to kiss it feels real and not like he was kissing the air. Try different variations of pressure from very soft and warm to wet passionate kiss according to mood.

2. The Duration
The duration of the kiss should correlate with the mood you want to create. If you want to seduce your mate, a quick kiss and suggestive to be the most perfect choice. If you want to make your mate want more of you, give him a long passionate kiss to arouse making love passion.

3. Texture
Condition your lips also have an important role in a kiss. Keep your lips so you are always in a state of moist and not dry or chapped by diligently applying lip balm regularly. Also, avoid using extra lipstick when you intend to provide a hot kiss to your spouse.

4. Relaxation
Relaxation becomes really critical only at the first kiss. You can destroy those moments when the lips are too stiff to let nervous. However, over time it usually does not happen again. Remember to always enjoy the kissing activity. Because, too worried it will damage the moment of the kiss itself.

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