4 Benefits Of Meditation

Has now found one of the "medicine" alternative, which is meditation. There are still many people equate meditation with day dreaming when two things are very different, so it is considered a waste of time. Meditation is a conscious activity, as opposed to day dreaming.
Meditation is an activity that plays the role of thoughts, feelings, actions, and sensations of the body in an objective and has been shown to relieve pain. This is because pain is not only the role of tactile sensors but also emotional, thoughts and feelings that are raging, giving rise to inconvenience. "For all the mind churned it will cause an unpleasant sensation. However, if a person was meditating so he could focus, thereby reducing suffering," said Jon Kabat Zinn, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Massachusetts, as quoted from Prevention.com, Monday (17/01/2011). Here are four reasons that make a person should do meditation to improve their health, namely:

1. Controlling emotions eat A recent study reveals meditation can control one's emotions to overeat and lose control. With meditation, emotional eating someone reduced by about four times per week. The technique can be performed such as raisins meditation designed to disrupt the emotional relationship with food. Hold the raisins (or other snacks) and check as if it had never seen it. Notice how the fruit is felt in the fingers, inhale, insert raisins to his lips and see how that comes out of saliva, chewing slowly as he felt to finally swallowed.

2. Improve morale and immunity Meditation can reduce anxiety by 44 percent and 34 percent of depressive symptoms that simultaneously enhance immunity. Stress and depression are reduced will impact on improving morale. How meditation can be done by strolling back and forth or circular in a quiet place. Expand foresight and focus on one aspect. Do this for 10 minutes.

3. Reduce pain Based on a study by University of Pittsburgh known meditation can help adults manage chronic pain in the waist. By doing meditation four days a week, a person can improve physical function, reduce the pain and lessen the intake of medicines. Try lying with your eyes closed, and then focus on any sensations that felt starting from the left toes, ankles, shins, knees, and thigh, repeat the same thing for the right leg. Next move to the waist, back, chest, shoulders, arms, neck, throat, face, back of the head and the top of the head. Do it for 10-20 minutes with a sigh on a regular basis.

4. Strengthening ties Recent studies from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill found that meditation techniques can enhance personal relationships with a partner. Couples who do meditation for eight weeks to feel much more satisfied with the relationship than before meditation, and reported reduced levels of stress in the relationship. Try doing a meditation using 'Say Hello' to someone else or your spouse and decided to enhance intimacy.

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